Oktoberfest 2018

The Ask

In October of 2018, I was hired to design collateral for an Oktoberfest Beer Garden event taking place in Toronto. The client wanted a clean, minimal design using earthy tones.

The Solution

The client's main advertising platform for the event was Instagram, so I designed one post and four stories. I created an identity for the event using the time, date event title and a beer icon. This graphic was used consistently in the story and post on the feed, so that followers would be able to identify the event easily. 

The first image posted to the story introduced the event to viewers, using the same graphic that was posted on the feed.

The second image for the story included breweries that were participating in the event, as well as the food items that would be available for purchase.

The third and fourth images were call-to-action stories, asking viewers to click the link in their bio to purchase tickets to the event.